Upright Trinity

Trinity is a Christian union of three (Father, Son, Holy Ghost) in one Godhead. This Memorial is the union of three pieces into one beautiful memorial set. The main monument is 18”wide x 6” thick x 24” tall, polished all around, sitting on an all polished sub base with built in vases. This set sits on a 30” wide x 12” deep x 6” thick base. The listed price is for Gray, but each of the three pieces can be produced in the color of your choice.

Prices include the following:

  • Full Custom Engraving
  • Custom Design and Layout
  • Large Selection of Artwork
  • Proof of Layout
  • Free Shipping within the Contiguous US

Additional costs include:

  • Shipping
  • Rush Deliveries

Before ordering, be sure to check with the cemetery for requirements such as; color, size, setting fees and delivery. Monuments are shipped unassembled to prevent damage during transit.

Available Colors

Available Color Swatch